Monday 16 April 2012

Saturated Canary and Adam Prescott Birthday Cards

These cards are for Sale on My Ebay here

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  1. How could nobody have commented on these gorgeous cards? Boy, you never know what you'll find when you click on a link and head over to someone's blog do you? I came over to have a better peek at some of your stuff. I LOVE your work. Your designs are beautiful and I really, really like what you do to the insides of your cards. I'm looking forward to going through more of your archives when I have the chance. Another reason I wanted to pop by is to say Thank you so much for what you had to say about my post and especially for becoming a follower. I wanted to send this as an email but couldn't find an address for you so I hope you don't mind my babbling on in your comment section. Take care!

    Lisa D.