Friday 5 August 2016


Hello crafty friends.

I hope you are all well.

I am popping on here to update you on our move.

It went well but getting internet has been a complete nightmare.

We were supposed to be connected on the 12th July but OpenReach just completely messed us around and after a load of promises from Vodafone and a load of phone calls between us, Vodafone and Openreach we are now supposed to be connected on the 12th August.  I will wait and see if that really happens.

Luckily we have kind neighbours who have let us use their internet.

I want to thank you as well for continuing to leave me wonderful messages on my scheduled cards.  I really do appreciate that and hopefully will be around to your blogs as soon as we are connected.

Bye for now, hopefully not for too long.

Love n hugs  Michelle x


  1. What a bummer that you have been so messed around...I mean how hard can it be this day and age...people go to the moon for goodness sake!! Looking forward to seeing you soon xx

  2. Being without internet is almost unthinkable in our time, it's how we keep updated, from loved ones, faraway friends and about what's happening in the world. Hope yo see you back soon :)

  3. Hope you are up and running soon.

  4. It's unbelievable that it takes so long where you live. Here there is next-day service most of the time, or at least within a week. I didn't realize how lucky we are here in Canada. Wishing you the best, Michelle, it's crazy that you'd have to wait so long. Glad you got moved in!